Upcoming events

13 Aug assessment test: 14/08/2015 (Friday)

Brain Valley Solutions Aptitude test: 18.08.2015 (Tuesday)

Wheebox Employability Skill test on 4th Sept (Friday)

This employability test is conducted under the Aegis of Indian Universities by Wheebox, Linkedin, CII and People Strong every year.

Students, pls note that top scores will be shared with eminent corporates by these organisations for Placement opportunities.

Android Workshop (Interested students can give their names to HODs) for 8th Sept Workshop (Tuesday) by Industry Professional from Hike Messenger.

An active speaker at various Android conferences in India.

Salient points of the workshop:

1. Two hour presentation to students. We will cover the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Android.

2. Presentation will be followed by a 3 hour hands-on workshop where we will get the students started on Android programming. Students will make a complete Android app from the start. Students need to bring their own laptops for the hands-on workshop.

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