UNLEASH Innovation Lab event by SAP

27 Mar

Dear Questiians,

SAP Next-Gen and University Alliances is pleased to team up with UNLEASH, a non-profit with a mission to build the world’s leading platform for innovative, implementable and scalable solutions to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  In August 2017, the first UNLEASH Innovation Lab event will welcome 1,000 young top talents to Denmark for nine days to transform 1,000 personal insights into hundreds of ideas and create real, scalable solutions for SDG.

SDG talents are invited to apply with innovative ideas or insights on how to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. UNLEASH provides a platform for them to co-create, innovate and collaborate on solutions. Talents are partnered with leading companies, research institutions, foundations, non-profits, and investors, and UNLEASH provides channels of support to ensure implementation, ranging from financial aid to pro-bono consulting.  Each year leading up to 2030, UNLEASH will travel to a new location, bringing together 1,000 global top talents. In 2017 the event is hosted in Denmark. In upcoming years, the Innovation Lab will be hosted in Silicon Valley, New York, Brazil, Kenya, India, Singapore and China.

As you may know, SAP Next-Gen is actively supporting SAP’s commitment to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  All Next-Gen events and consulting projects are tied to one or more of these goals, and later this spring we will formally launch the SAP Next-Gen Global Challenges where teams of students, academics, entrepreneurs, SAP customers and SAP colleagues will come together to tackle these challenges in new and innovative ways.

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